Council of the Federation Literacy Award

As a way to promote literacy across Canada, the Premiers created a Council of the Federation (COF) Literacy Award medallion. This award recognizes outstanding achievement, innovative practice and excellence in literacy. Thirteen, Council of the Federation Literacy medallions are presented annually, one for each province and territory. 

The 2016 Call for Nominations is Now Open

This year you can nominate an organization in B.C. who has had a significant impact, locally or provincially, in improving literacy for British Columbians. 

If you want to nominate someone:

  1. Fill out the application form (PDF)
  2. Email the application to by May 31, 2016

To learn more about the award, visit the Council of the Federation

2015 Winner

Helen Domshy, Literacy Outreach Coordinator 

As a lifelong learner, Helen Domshy has worn many hats. She had a lengthy and successful career as a medical imagist with specific interest in women's health; she pursued further education in Gender Studies; and she has been a vital part of Prince George as the community's Literacy Outreach Coordinator.

Since 2008, she has worked tirelessly to develop and nurture community connections between learners, services, and agencies. She built community capacity by offering Plain and Clear Language workshops, coordinating training for dozens of volunteer tutors, and creating locally relevant programs and materials for learners. She has used her position as literacy outreach coordinator to promote a broad and intersectional definition of literacy that empowers people in all aspects of their lives.

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