Employee Research

BC Stats conducts ongoing research on public sector employee characteristics to produce workforce projections and profiles. BC Stats also administers employee surveys to report on the health of the work environment, employee engagement and aspects impacting retention.

Workforce Profile (Employment Equity)

Employment equity in the BC Public Service means eliminating barriers to employment and creating a workplace where current and prospective employees receive equitable treatment in hiring, training and promotion.

Information to assess employment equity practices is gathered through BC Stats' surveys and the resulting statistics are used to produce the workforce profile.

Workforce Projections

Workforce projection data is used to develop ministry workforce plans to ensure future staffing will be sufficient to deliver quality services to British Columbians.

Work Environment Survey (WES)

The Work Environment Survey measures the health of the work environments within B.C. public sector organizations.

Exit Survey

The Exit Survey tracks the reasons why an employee leaves their employment and this feedback is used to develop future strategies for employee engagement and retention.