Clerk 9 Inventory - Apply

With a wide variety of positions and job responsibilities, the BC Public Service is a great place to begin or advance your career. As an administrative/clerical worker, you will have the opportunity to support teams and professionals who provide services to British Columbians. To learn more about clerical opportunities, including work environment, training and development, career path and benefits, visit Clerical Career Opportunities.

Current Opportunities

A Clerk 9 and Clerk Stenographer 9 applicant inventory for vacancies in Victoria and Metro Vancouver is open June 19 to July 3, 2017. The inventory is being used for permanent full-time, part-time, temporary and auxiliary Clerk 9 and Clerk Stenographer 9 opportunities in Victoria, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Delta, Gibsons, Langley, New Westminster, North Vancouver, Port Coquitlam, Richmond, Sechelt, Surrey and Vancouver.

Applying to be in the inventory

  • The inventory posting is open to anyone who is eligible to apply to positions with the BC Public Service
  • To be considered for future vacancies, you must submit an application and be a member of the inventory. Managers will no longer be posting individual Clerk 9 and Clerk Steno 9 vacancies
  • Review the Job Seekers - Apply information on MyHR and set up your application profile prior to submitting your application. Once you have created or updated your profile, you can submit your profile
  • When you submit your profile, you will receive an email notification. You can also verify if your application profile is received by viewing your submission history in the recruitment system. All opportunities you have applied for are listed in your submission history
  • A cover letter is not required as part of your application for this inventory

The clerical inventory has two distinct job groups that align with inventory categories:

  • Administrative – office clerical, secretarial, administration, financial and comparable support services positions
  • Contact centre and customer service – customer service and information collection and/or delivery to a diverse group of clients

In your application, you must indicate that you wish to be included in one or both of the job groups

You must pass online skills tests to be assigned to one or more of the following categories:

  1. Administrative Support
  2. Administrative Support - Plus
  3. Contact Centre/Customer Service
  4. Contact Centre/Customer Service - Plus

Information About Applying

If you are already a Clerk 9 or Clerk Stenographer 9 in the BC Public Service, you must apply to the inventory to be considered for other Clerk 9 or Clerk Stenographer 9 opportunities in Victoria or Metro Vancouver.

Current Clerk 9 inventory members must reapply to be considered for Clerk 9 and Clerk Stenographer 9 vacancies in Victoria or Metro Vancouver.      

Applicants who are not successful can reapply to the inventory the next time it is posted.

If you are a candidate in another Clerk 9/Clerk Stenographer 9 competition you will not be disqualified from this process.

Any permanent and temporary vacancies greater than seven months for Clerk 9 or Clerk Stenographer 9 vacancies in the specified locations will be recruited from the inventory.  Hiring managers may choose to post their temporary and auxiliary positions less than seven months to this inventory. 

To change your profile and contact in the recruitment system, select either BC Public Service Internal Applicants Restricted Access or External Applicants (outside government). Use the Career Centre tab to maintain your resume profile and to update your contact information. You can also review the Apply information on MyHR for additional tips on how to update your information.

For system troubleshooting and help resources, please visit our Your Profile (Resume) and Apply information. If you are still experiencing difficulties, contact the BC Public Service.

Screening & Assessment Process

Your application will be reviewed to see if you meet the qualifications for the inventory and the job groups you have selected. Once this process is complete, you will be invited to complete an online skills assessment. If you pass the assessment, you will receive an email notification letting you know the inventory categories you are qualified for and next steps in applying for jobs.

All qualified inventory participants must attend a mandatory orientation session. During the orientation, you can ask questions about the hiring process and how you can apply for specific jobs. You will not be included in the inventory if you do not attend.

Information About Screening & Assessment

If you are not screened into the inventory your profile will remain in the recruitment system for you to apply for other opportunities as they are posted.

If you have recently tested or been assessed for a similar or the same position, your assessment scores will not be applied for your inventory application. Each assessment process is separate.

Applying for jobs

Applicants who qualify to be inventory members can apply for regular and temporary jobs over seven months that are posted only to the inventory. These vacancies can be viewed when you login to your Career Centre and click on the View Inventory Requisitions link. This link will only activate if there are vacancies available. 

New vacancies are posted weekly:

  • Monday morning by 9 am with a close date of Wednesday at midnight
  • Thursday morning by 9 am with a close date of Sunday at midnight

You must submit your application to be considered for a posting. Prior to applying for a specific job, you can review the posting and job profile to determine if the job is a match for your qualifications. You can apply for multiple jobs. However, we encourage you to apply to jobs you are truly interested in and that are a match between your qualifications and the requirements of the job. If you are interested in working in a particular ministry or office location, you can select only the positions to which you are qualified and interested.

The hiring manager may conduct further assessments to evaluate and select a successful candidate (for example, a written assessment, test, interview, past work performance check(s) and consideration of years of continuous service). Competition results are posted on a notification board in the recruitment system.

Information About Opportunities

Late applications will not be accepted.

You can apply to any available opportunities. You will be required to meet the education, experience and skills requirements for each position.

Opportunities posted outside of the inventory and at other levels are applied for separately. 

Where applicable, employee applicants have staffing review rights in accordance with Article 12.5 of the BCGEU Master Agreement and section 8(1) of the Public Service Act.

Current employees are required to request and obtain their supervisor's permission to be considered for temporary opportunities (TAs). If the opportunity is a regular position, your supervisor's permission is not required.

If your qualifications change while you are in the inventory, it is up to you to update your profile. Your qualifications were considered at the time you applied to the inventory posting. You can update your qualifications when you submit your profile to positions that are of interest to you.

You can apply for positions in different inventories or individual postings. These opportunities are separate from the Clerk 9 inventory.

Lateral Opportunities

Hiring managers will determine ahead of time whether they will use a lateral transfer or a competitive process to fill their vacancy. Current regular Clerk 9 and Clerk Stenographer 9 employees can choose not to participate in the competitive stream and only submit applications for lateral opportunities.  

If you are a regular employee and eligible for a lateral transfer to a Grid 9 position (your base is at or above the Grid 9 level), you can choose not to complete the skills assessment and only be considered for positions that are available for lateral opportunities.