Benefits, Pension, Vacation Accrual & Payroll Deduction for B.C. Government Employees

Benefits in place prior to your leave will remain in place during the leave.

If you choose, you may cancel MSP and extended health and dental coverage during your leave (for example, if you know, or are unsure about returning to work after the leave and want to minimize your cost of any repayment of benefits required as a result of not satisfying the return-to-work obligation).

Maintenance of group life insurance and long term disability coverage is mandatory and there is no option to waive this coverage during your leave.

If you do not fulfil the return-to-work requirements after your leave, you will have to repay any benefit premiums and/or flex credits that were paid on your behalf during your leave.

Cancelling Benefits While on Leave

Bargaining unit benefits

To cancel your benefits while on leave, please visit Enrol and Update. Complete the Health and Dental Enrol/Change form to cancel coverage for extended health and dental. If you wish to cancel your MSP coverage, please send an AskMyHR service request to cancel this coverage and indicate the effective date of the cancellation. See the note above about mandatory coverage.

After your leave, should you fail to satisfy the return-to-work requirements, you will be required to repay these and any other benefit premiums paid on your behalf by the employer.

Flexible benefits for excluded employees

If you participate in the flexible benefits program, you may cancel MSP, extended health, dental coverage and/or any optional life insurance plan after your child is born. You may do so by selecting the Waive option for any or all of those benefits on the Flexible Benefits Enrolment/Change Form (PDF, 458KB). See the note above about mandatory coverage.

If you cancel coverage under the flexible benefits program, additional flex credits will be paid to you each month for the duration of your leave or until you reinstate coverage (such as open enrolment or another eligible life event). When flex credits are paid out, they are considered cash earnings. These earnings are recorded on your pay. You are responsible for reporting to Service Canada any monies paid or payable to you, cash or other, while receiving EI, maternity or parental benefits.

If you do not satisfy the return-to-work requirements at the end of your leave, you will be required to repay the flex credits and any other benefit premiums paid on your behalf by the employer.

To get the most out of your time off, carefully read the following information before applying for maternity, parental or pre-placement adoption leave.

Vacation Accrual

In most cases, your entitlement will be pro-rated according to your maternity and/or parental leave start date. Your vacation entitlements and vacation pay do continue to accrue if you are covered under the Crown Counsel Agreement or were employed prior to March 28, 2001, you return to work for at least six months after being on leave and you haven't received parental allowance. Your vacation will be credited once you've returned to work for six calendar months.


Pension contributions continue while you are on leave, but they are based solely on the maternity, parental or pre-placement adoption allowance (contributions are not made on the amount you receive from employment insurance). After returning to work, you can purchase service for the time you were on leave.

Consult the Public Service Pension Plan website for information on applications and payments if postal services are disrupted. Learn more at What's New in the BC Public Service.

Payroll Deductions

There may be deductions from your pay that you wish to cancel while you are on leave. If you have applied for the Deferred Salary Leave program, you can suspend your contributions while you are on temporary leave such as maternity leave.