Returning to Work (or Not) Following Maternity, Parental & Pre-placement Adoption Leave for B.C. Government Employees

At least one month before the end of your leave, inform your supervisor, preferably in writing, of your intention to return to work.

Choosing Not to Return to Work

If you do not return to work for the period of time stated in your collective agreement or terms and conditions of employment, the start date of your leave will be deemed your date of resignation and you will be responsible for repaying benefit premiums (both employee and employer portions), flexible benefits credits (if applicable) and any allowances you received on a pro-rated basis.

Regular Crown Counsel is only required to return to work for six months following a full maternity and parental leave. If they do not return for six months, they are required to pay back all benefit premiums and allowances received in full.

Group life insurance and long term disability (LTD) coverage are mandatory and you cannot opt out of coverage. Premiums are paid on your behalf by the employer throughout the leave even if you have chosen to waive MSP and extended health and dental coverage. If you do not return to work, you will be responsible for repaying these premiums to the employer.