Pre-placement Adoption Leave Allowance for B.C. Government Employees

You are eligible for the allowance if you are

  • A regular (full- or part-time) employee
  • An auxiliary employee who is eligible for benefits as per your collective agreement or terms and conditions of employment

The pre-placement adoption allowance entitles you to 85 percent of your regular basic pay to a maximum of seven weeks per calendar year.

Not Claiming or Choosing to Defer the Allowance

If you're not sure you will be returning to work after your leave, you may choose to defer or not apply for the pre-placement adoption allowance. You may defer your decision to receive the pre-placement adoption leave allowance only up until the expiration of the return to work repayment period. Let your supervisor know if you choose to defer the allowance.

If you take the allowance, and then resign at the end of your pre-placement adoption leave or do not fulfil the back-to-work requirements of your collective agreement or your terms and conditions of employment, you will be required to repay benefit premiums and any allowances you have received.

See Return to Work (or Not) for more information.

See Benefits, Pension, Vacation Accrual and Payroll Deduction for further details on benefit repayment and your collective agreement for the period of time you are required to return to work.