Learning System

The Learning Centre hosts the Learning System, where employees enrol in training courses, online and in classrooms, across the province.

Access the Learning System

If you are logged into your government (IDIR) account open the Learning System tool.

You can view five of your most current activities and programs, or select the View All Learning link to view all of your activities and programs. You can search by keyword or access the advanced search or browse the catalog. The View Calendar link displays your scheduled activities.

Resources to help you use the Learning System

For more information about using the Learning System, visit the Learning System Resource page on @Work. Under All Employees you will find guides and videos that will walk you through how to:

  • Get Started   
  • View Training Record   
  • Search for Class   
  • Enroll in Class   
  • Launch Class   
  • Drop Class   
  • Mark Complete

There are additional guides for managers and supervisors that explain how to view your team’s learning activities and approve or deny your employees’ classes. Resources for course administrators explain how to maintain courses and delivery methods, manage learners and more.

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