Supervisor Partnered Coaching

Supervisor partnered coaching is an active partnership between you, your supervisor and your coach. Your supervisor helps you align your coaching goals with your organization’s current priorities. Your supervisor’s support and feedback help embed the experiential learning in your day-to-day work. Sessions are often conducted virtually. The supervisor attends the first and last meeting, with an optional midpoint check-in.

Introductory Video

Your Role

  • Define your goals and set the agenda for coaching
  • Give the coaching relationship time to develop and to show results
  • Be open to challenging your assumptions, beliefs and ways of working
  • Take reasonable risks and demonstrate new competencies
  • Follow through on self-identified actions
  • Keep your supervisor informed of the coaching process

 Your Supervisor's Role 

  • Participate in the goal setting and final review meetings
  • Help link your goals to branch, ministry and organizational priorities
  • Support you when you try new approaches
  • Allow the coaching process time to show results
  • Identify and measure progress and provide feedback

 Your Coach's Role

  • Facilitate and coach
  • Maintain confidentiality and clearly articulate any limits of that confidentiality
  • Ensure you have clearly defined goals and are actively working towards success
  • Provide honest feedback
  • Challenge you to step outside your comfort zone, in service of your learning
  • Actively and passionately help you succeed

Shared Role

You and your coach are responsible to your sponsoring organization, and to each other. You work together to come up with professional and learning goals. You discontinue the coaching relationship (after mutual discussion), once it no longer provides significant benefits.


Supervisor partnered coaching has four stages. Not everyone meets at every stage.

  1. Pre-work
    • Employee, supervisor
    • Online orientation, preliminary goal discussion
  2. Goal-setting meeting
    • In attendance: employee, supervisor, coach
  3. Six coaching sessions
    • In attendance: employee, coach, with optional midpoint check-in with supervisor
  4. Final review meeting
    • In attendance: employee, supervisor, coach