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In July 2011, the new website was launched. This marked a significant shift in the B.C. Government's vision to adopt citizen-centric service delivery. The site was redesigned by topic instead of by ministry so that users can more easily find the information, services or forms they're looking for. The new design is based on evidence - design research was used along the way, from fieldwork to analytics. Those results were then used to build a web strategy and a content strategy with concrete design specifications in mind.

The research shows that citizens don't associate with our government structure but instead look for information or services by topic. If a user is looking for information about healthcare for their young family, they might look under Families & Residents or under Health & Safety. As part of their accountabilities for strategic web governance, Government Communications and Public Engagement (GCPE) has established a new corporate information architecture (IA) for which describes the breadth of government information and services. It organizes our information by topic instead of organizational structure so our users can more easily find what they're looking for. It was developed through research and citizen usability testing, and provides the structure to which ministries must align their content and services as they implement their web strategies.

To meet your Transformation Plan commitments, your ministry will support extending this core IA of government. This means you will go through a process to rationalize and organize your information and services by theme, so that your content will form a section of the site. The IA is being developed at a progressively deeper level based on research done in partnership with the ministries as they go through this process.

This also means that you may be sharing your web space with other ministries and agencies or even with federal or municipal services or information. Ministries will be accountable for the content of topic and sub-topic pages that fall under each theme and subsequent sub-themes. This will allow ministries to retain control over their web content, while providing a single access doorway for citizens that is service-focused.

See the Content module for more information on how we will govern this new theme-based content approach and the Governance module for more information on the broader corporate and ministry governance model.

This module will help you make sense of the new site structure. After reading this module, you'll have a better understanding of where your content fits within the eight major themes of the new site.

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