Information Architecture

In July 2011, the new website was launched. This marked a significant shift in the B.C. Government's vision to adopt citizen-centric service delivery. 

The site was redesigned by topic instead of by ministry so that users can more easily find the information, services or forms they're looking for. The new design is based on evidence - design research was used along the way, from fieldwork to analytics. Those results were then used to build a web strategy and a content strategy with concrete design specifications in mind.

The Information Architecture Advisory Group

The Information Architecture Advisory Group (IAAG) has members from all ministries who work together to negotiate and approve metadata, navigational way finding and governance for all web properties.

Work with your IAAG ministry representative to help review your program area or ministry’s content, then develop and test proposed information architecture. 

Moving content to

Business areas are required to move their content into the corporate platform, CMS Lite, as part of the Internet Strategy (PDF). Work with your ministry representative to create an action plan, content audit and strategy and arrange CMS Lite access.

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